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SEG Library Policies | Permissions


SEG publishes journals, books, and conference papers with the primary aim of facilitating innovation in applied geophysics. Consistent with this objective, the Society provides mechanisms for those who seek to reuse or republish material from SEG publications as it ensures the viability of the SEG publications program. Any questions about permissions that are not answered on this page can be sent via e-mail to the SEG Publications Department at [email protected].

Republication rights available without explicit permission

SEG follows STM permissions guidelines, to which many publishers of scholarly works are signatories. Under this framework, it is not necessary for authors, editors, or publishers to obtain explicit written permission from SEG to republish the following amounts of content from Society publications with respect to a particular journal article, conference paper, book, or derivative work being prepared for publication and/or distribution:

  • up to three figures (including tables) from a journal article or book chapter, but:
    • not more than five figures from a whole book or journal issue/edition;
    • not more than six figures from an annual journal volume; and
    • not more than three figures from an SEG article, and not more than three figures from works published in an SEG book chapter (and in total not more than thirty SEG figures for republication in a book, including a multivolume book, with different authors per chapter)

  • single text extracts of fewer than 400 words from a journal article or book chapter, but
    • not more than a total of 800 words from a whole book or journal issue/edition.

There are no fees associated with permission grants for republication of SEG material in quantities consistent with the guidelines above. Authors or instructors who need documentation that SEG is extending this permission are encouraged to print this message. Those who require further documentation should contact the SEG publications director.

SEG requires that full acknowledgment of the source, including a DOI-based permalink (live in electronic versions), be used in any new work that includes SEG material. If SEG has cited a publication for which it is not the publisher, and a third party seeks permission to republish material from that publication, permission should be obtained from the original publisher.


Purchase republication and redistribution rights online

SEG publications are registered with the Copyright Clearance Center. Those seeking permission to republish more material than described above are encouraged to request permission through the easy-to-use online forms provided by this nonprofit agency.

Those seeking permission to republish material from journal articles should request permission via Copyright Clearance Center's RightsLink permission service. Each GEOPHYSICS, Interpretation, and The Leading Edge paper in the SEG Library contains a "Request Permissions" link to access RightsLink. Please follow online instructions to enter data related to intended reuse so as to obtain pricing and purchase options. If a license fee is assessed, it must be paid prior to use or the permission is void.

Permission to use SEG book content and conference papers may be requested via Copyright Clearance Center's RightsCentral portal, Within the portions of the SEG Library where this material is published, there are links to the site through which republication and redistribution rights for this material can be purchased.

Annual licenses for book, journal, and meetings content also are available for institutions. Special pricing is available for university professors, including license to distribute SEG material through electronic course packs. Licenses also are available for distribution of journal articles and expanded abstracts via e-mail or posting on Intranets and Extranets for limited time periods.

Authors' republication and redistribution rights

Author-retained rights for traditional publication (including green open access) are covered in the SEG policy on open-access publishing and in copyright transfer forms. The green open-access rights that SEG extends to authors do not include posting to social-network sites for article sharing. Gold open access also is available with four Creative Commons license options for authors paying the associated fee.

Open-access articles and Wiki content

Articles whose authors have paid open-access fees are published under one of four Creative Commons licenses with licenses identified in the footers at the bottom of the first page of articles. Please note that the SEG Wiki uses the CC BY-SA license. The four options are: