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Seismic Processing: Data Reconstruction and Multiples Complete Session


This is the complete Seismic Processing: Data Reconstruction and Multiples session presented at SEG's 2016 Annual Meeting.

Abstracts are for individual use only.

SPIR: Seismic Processing: Data Reconstruction

SPIR 1 -- Seismic Data Reconstruction I -- page 4059

SPIR E-P1 -- Seismic Data Reconstruction II -- page 4102

SPMUL: Seismic Processing: Multiples

SPMUL 1 -- Methods in Development and Practice -- page 4481

SPMUL 2 -- Radon, Elastic, and Inverse Scattering -- page 4524

SPMUL P1 -- Matching, Imaging, and ISS -- page 4566

Note: Due to the large file size, SEG users may experience longer than desired download times when accessing this PDF.