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Integrating Multi-Scale Seismic Measurements for EOR/CCUS



The Southwest Regional Partnership (SWP) of the United States Department of Energy Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships studying Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) is currently in thedeployment phase (Phase III). As part of Phase III the SWPis characterizing, modeling, monitoring, and tracking atleast one million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) at anongoing enhanced oil recovery (EOR) project operated byindustry partner, Chaparral Energy, LLC (CELLC) in Ochiltree County, northern Texas. The production zone (Morrow Sandstone Formation) is a fluvial deposit withsmall scale heterogeneities posing challenges to sitecharacterization and monitoring using surface seismicmethods alone. In order to meet SWP's multiple objectives, ranging from field scale site characterization to plumemonitoring, the SWP has partnered with Schlumberger Carbon Services to conduct an extensive geophysicalprogram. A combination of 3D surface, 3D vertical seismicprofiles (VSPs), and cross-well surveying methods arebeing used to achieve multi-scale geophysical imaging forboth site characterization and time-lapse monitoring.