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Time-lapse difference static correction using prestack crosscorrelations: 4D seismic image enhancement case from Ketzin


A method for static correction of time-lapse differences in reflection arrival times of time-lapse prestack seismic data is presented. These arrival-time differences are typically caused by changes in the near-surface velocities between the acquisitions and had a detrimental impact on time-lapse seismic imaging. Trace-to-trace time shifts of the data sets from different vintages are determined by crosscorrelations. The time shifts are decomposed in a surface-consistent manner, which yields static corrections that tie the repeat data to the baseline data. Hence, this approach implies that new refraction static corrections for the repeat data sets are unnecessary. The approach is demonstrated on a 4D seismic data set from the Ketzin CO2 pilot storage site, Germany, and is compared with the result of an initial processing that was based on separate refraction static corrections. It is shown that the time-lapse difference static correction approach reduces 4D noise more effectively than separate refraction static corrections and is significantly less labor intensive.


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